3PL warehouses have taken the stock market by storm. With the advancement of technology, these warehouses have also started using electronic data interchange systems or EDSS which has made their services more accessible and affordable for small-scale and medium-scale businesses. Most of these businesses use it because they are cost-effective and highly customizable in their operations. But what is it really? What exactly is it and how does it work? It is a FAQ.

What Is It?

Before we dig in deeper and answer these questions, let us first define what exactly 3PL warehouses are. A Real-time inventory control and warehousing system, it is one which enables the client companies to easily manage their warehousing needs by providing them real-time inventory control, availability of materials and raw materials in order to maximize productivity, lower costs, increase profits and enhance customer service. In short, it is a complete solution for your warehousing requirements. Now, let us discuss how it works.

Many companies in the supply chain to offer their clients special warehousing needs such as, customized pallet flow, multi-cell packaging, heavy lift transportation, flexible routing, customized inventory control and EDSS. All these functions can be fully achieved by using the right warehouse solutions. These warehouses offer the best possible solutions that are built around the client company’s existing business procedures such as, purchasing, stock replenishment, pick and pack, and on-hand resources. The client company benefits from these benefits because not only does it save on cost but also time and increases profit margins as well. 3PL warehouses are highly flexible and can easily meet the varying demands of a business as it uses state of the art technology, modern storage spaces, and fully automated storage systems.

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