Delivery Pallets form a major component of the logistics sector and are used for transporting goods both locally and internationally. UKPCD formed from August 2015 but were delivery pallets in existence since 2005. They offer the most cost-effective, time-effective and efficient way to move your goods from point A to point B. For more information on UKPD click here.

Delivery pallets – A major component of the logistics sector!

delivery pallets

All businesses that want to benefit from this service must fill in a contact form on the UKPD website. You can select a delivery group or supplier that suits your business best, and then send your order forms through the mail. The company will then send you a list of all the companies that can take your Pallets, and at what peak times. Once you’ve selected a few companies that can take your Pallets, you just fill in your contact form once again. Then make sure you include your shipping and handling costs in your shipping invoice. That’s all there is to it!

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