July 1

Protecting Your Glass Items With Premium Clear Protective Surface Coating

Premium Clear Protective Surface Coating NZ

If you are looking for a good way to protect your glass items from scratches, dirt and finger prints then premium clear NZ is what you need. These NZ brand products provide the ultimate barrier to any accidental scratching or mark making its presence known. The premium clear protective coat provides the most complete protection available on the market today. It is made from an ultra-thin film of clear polyurethane with a rubber backing which makes it virtually impenetrable to scratches. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be applied to various items including, glass, stainless steel and mirrors. Click Here – http://www.nanocolour.co.nz

Many types of glass protected by this revolutionary product

This innovative and highly effective material offers superior scratch resistance along with the highest available optical clarity. The finished product has no color distortion and can be applied to different surfaces without causing any harm. Once applied, it will simply harden making it impossible to peel off.

Many types of glass items are now protected by this revolutionary product, which has no effect on the original finish or grade of the glass. It is very durable and will remain strong for many years on any type of surface. There are no special preparations needed to apply this clear NZ coating and it is very easy to use. When applied to glass, it helps to enhance the luster of the glass and enhance its visual appearance. It also helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and helps to create a crystal clear finish on any glass product whether it is painted etched, varnished or coated.

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