Discus fish for sale are available in many different colors, shapes, sizes and varieties. These fishes have varied personalities. They can be playful and lively, or more tranquil and reserved. No matter what your needs or preferences, our discus fish store has a wide variety of fish/aquarium/pond fish on sale and ready for your pets. Discus fish/aquarium/pond fish are excellent and very hardy pets. They can survive in an aquarium, ponds or fountains provided there is plenty of water and ample food. Read more https://discusguy.com/

Introductory Pointers for Discus Fish Care

Discus fish/aquarium/pond fish are not good for freshwater aquariums. The best place for them is fresh water ponds or aquariums with good filtration. So if you’re planning to go out and buy your own fish, be sure to get discus from a reputable discus fish shop. If you plan on keeping them in your own tank or in your home aquarium, make sure to buy discus only from reputable stores that have good reputations.

Discus can be quite expensive, but they do grow fast. So in order to keep up with this growing demand for these amazing and fun loving fishes, we have introduced a special “discus stock program”. These stocks are sold as soon as we get them. They are available in bulk at discounted rates and are shipped directly to the buyer.

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