Nominee Director and Shareholder Service are a New York company that provides financial advisory and corporate services to medium to large international companies. The Nominee Company’s mission is to deliver financial advice on mergers and acquisitions, capital budgeting, commercial banking, merchant cash advance, syndicate financing, floating credit, private placements, and venture capital. Nominee assists global companies in identifying appropriate investment projects and helping them achieve success in those projects through effective counsel and investment management. Nominee Director and Shareholder Service – CFO Accounts & services.

Nominee Director and Shareholder Service

Corporate Service Provider For Nominee Director and Shareholder Service

The Nominee Company’s CFO Services is provided by Certified Public Accountants with experience in international finance and banking. Nominee is not a broker, nor does it provide shares or derivative trading. Instead, the Nominee Company works with its clients and the investment banks to identify an individual or entity that would be best suited to serve as the nominee director for the account of the offshore company or the shareholders of the domestic company. Then the CFO will make a recommendation to the board of directors of the offshore company, or the shareholders of the domestic company who have selected the individual or entity to serve as the nominee director.

Nominee provides its CFO services to onshore companies and foreign multinationals. Offshore companies may come from anywhere around the globe. A majority of the foreign corporations are based in Europe or Asia Pacific countries like China, India, and Russia. Nominee’s services and those of the CFOs are highly specialized in providing services to offshore companies who are unable to find suitable nominee directors in their country.

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